Supporting Our Communities

$117 million raised for local families living with disabilities.

Since 1979, CENTURY 21® offices in North America have proudly supported Easter Seals, becoming their largest all-time corporate contributor. In 2016 alone, Canadian offices raised $647,064.


All kids should benefit from summer camp

In 2009, CENTURY 21 Canada™ introduced the Kids to Camp program, sending children to one of 16 summer camps run by Easter Seals across the country. Through events like The Drop Zone, Woman2Warrior, 24 hour relays, and locally organized fundraising functions, our members have raised nearly $3 million, providing over 1000 children with the joy and independence of fully accessible summer camp experiences.


How do you share the real life impact of Easter Seals donations? 

We’ve enlisted the voice of 15 year old Brandon Liston to launch Easter Seals first National Ambassador Program in the country.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Liston joined Easter Seals as their New Brunswick ambassador when he was just six years old. As national ambassador, he will travel to key events across the country speaking on behalf of Easter Seals kids to build awareness for families living with disabilities.

“The CENTURY 21 ambassador program has given me so much courage and so much of a start for the future,” said Brandon. “I don’t consider people with disabilities as disabled. ‘Dis’ means you can’t do something… I just do it a little differently. I am differently-abled.”

At 15 years old, Liston is an inspiration. He was the youngest recipient of the Rotary Club of Fredericton’s Paul Harris Fellowship Award, the highest honour awarded to individuals who show “service above self.” He has continued to set and conquer challenges, from tackling public speaking to rock climbing.

To hear more of Brandon’s story, visit the Easter Seals website.